Entrepreneurial incubator selection guide is worth learning from

wave of entrepreneurship constantly hit, many business incubator started "ready to" break the soil, went to the front of investors, a variety of entrepreneurial projects, new business model started 10493, provides a variety of options for entrepreneurs.

How to turn

1, a strong mentor group

is not what they don’t want to, it is the opportunity cost is too high. Moreover, gehangrugeshan, senior mentor entrepreneurs although proved their success, but probably no expertise in a particular field of entrepreneurship soldiers. They can give more to the commercial sense of smell and Macro Thinking on the help, is icing on the cake, but not by the snow to send carbon.

a specific experience in the development of programmers, a framework for building a stake in the experience of entrepreneurs, a logistics management expert, may than XXX Group Chairman, successful entrepreneurs of the team to help it. If the entrepreneur is only attracted by the name of the big name, and can not distinguish the effectiveness of the tutor, you may need to reconsider whether it is suitable for entrepreneurship.

2, a special resource network

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