Easy to start the new industry recommended

a large number of entrepreneurs, but mostly hovering in the original industry, it is difficult to achieve great development. In fact, as long as the serious search, there are still a lot of new projects waiting for everyone to invest. Here, Xiaobian to recommend some.

cartoon industry


Sports Management

A walk in the two or three line of the city’s streets to

, we see more and more local consumer brands. In addition to Anta, XTEP, 361, Lining and other sports apparel brand, Yashi and CABBEEN have also to Giorgio Armani and Zegna brand challenge. These originally played the role of Western brands in the role of outsourcing manufacturers more than a decade ago, began to build their own brand innovation. Although the degree of innovation needs to be strengthened, the laws of nature are slowly broken. Small fish who learned to surround the city in rural areas, starting from the two or three line of the city surrounded by big fish until they devour.

financial investmentAlthough China

the capital market is generally optimistic, international investment guru frequently patronize. But only the financial investment and the richest man on the list has not yet

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