What are the common problems of online ordering

in the current era of science and technology, many operators will choose to order online. In a word, is now not only urban customers, even many rural customers are beginning to buy a computer online order, but in the actual operation process, the author found that customers still exist some problems in the use of online ordering:

problem 1: I forgot to modify the password

a lot of retail customers a strong sense of confidentiality, is not very skilled in the case of online ordering, it is urgent to modify the login password. But some customers in the setting of the password is too complex, or others to help modify, leading to even forget their own password, not normal order.

solution: contact the client manager and ask him to sign up for the login password by authorization or other methods.

problem two: panic in the leakage of a certain brand

a lot of people had not used online ordering, the heart did not spectrum, so the first time when it is inevitable panic. When people are nervous, they are easy to make mistakes. The most common mistake is to miss a certain brand. Although the online ordering is not a major issue, you can choose to re order the brand into the leak, but some customers will encounter this situation more panic, resulting in more mistakes.

solution: the first time the use of online ordering, encountered an unknown situation, you can consult the customer manager, but also suggested that the usual attitude to treat online ordering. $page$

problem three: computer poisoning often reinstall the system

a lot of retail customers are afraid of computer poisoning, so once the system is running slowly to reinstall the system, there are a lot of people at the same time installed two or three anti-virus software. These conditions can lead to the failure of the normal online ordering. Why? Because each reinstall the system, you need to re authorize.

solution: online ordering software installed, usually to make antivirus, not to cannot but when not to reinstall the system. Reinstall the system to do a good job, so as not to affect the order.

online ordering is convenient a lot, but this is a new era in order to come out, but under the current situation, very complex social problems is not surprising, therefore, as long as the timely solution. So, there are a small series of the above mentioned solutions, if you are also online ordering, and there are more of these problems, do you know how to solve it?

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