Five provinces Consumers Association held in Xining consumer rights training courses

To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Consumers Association of Guangdong Province in August 28th, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guizhou four association organization, held a "family car repair, replacement, return the liability provisions" training in Xining, to lay the foundation for the October 1st "three" after the implementation of better services for consumers.

training, mediation and other aspects China consumer newspaper deputy editor Zhang Jian introduced from the "family car repair, replacement and return provisions" of the historical background, the requirements of the times, the legal basis and the consumer disputes in-depth explanation, let trainees have a preliminary understanding of the future good family car consumer disputes mediation. The famous consumer rights experts Mr. Yang Shukun on the "People’s Republic of China consumer protection law" (Draft Amendment) the second revised highlights analysis to explain, make trainees clear the purpose and significance of "consumer protection law" amendment, further understanding of the new ideas, new ideas related laws and regulations. (author: Lu Hai)


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