China won the three China Charity Award

In October 28th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the day before, the China Charity Federation held the second China Charity Award for outstanding contribution to recognition of the ceremony, Qinghai has won three awards. It is understood, including the three awards: Kumiko Peng and Wang Weiming (Tibetan Kumiko). (Albert Jiangsu), Li Jianpeng (charity), Liu Changliang (charity), Yan Liping (Xining taxi driver) 5 people won the China Charity Award for outstanding contributions (individual); charity of Qinghai Province, Haixi Prefecture Charity Association and other 2 units won the China Charity Award Outstanding Contribution (Organization); "Qinghai Provincial Charity Federation of Yushu post disaster reconstruction project", "drinking water" and "Reconstruction" and other relief project won the China Charity Award for outstanding contribution (project). The "Yushu post disaster reconstruction project" received the China Charity Federation donated 2 billion 610 million 578 thousand yuan of funds transferred to the social charity of Qinghai Province, receiving 139 million 469 thousand and 100 yuan of social contributions, receiving social donations totaling 2 billion 750 million 47 thousand and 100 yuan, receiving Yushu earthquake relief supplies discount price of 85 million 906 thousand yuan. The reconstruction project received funds for all reconstruction projects in Yushu, as the first "charity project does not extract" management of funds. At the same time, Qinghai charity initiative to accept donors and Chinese audit, the China Charity Federation, the Qinghai provincial audit department, Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance and other departments repeatedly tracking audit and supervision, the social science funds donated reasonable use, safe and efficient operation.  

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