German incense high speed completion of this year’s Construction

Delingha Xiangride expressway is also an important hinterland of Haixi state highway, the highway since last August to start the construction, enhance the construction intensity, as of now, the highway construction has invested 1 billion 480 million yuan. Among them, 940 million yuan investment plan has been fully completed in 2014. Delingha is located in Xiangride highway in our country has a "cornucopia" reputation of the eastern edge of Qaidam Basin, connected along the road. Project in highway construction standards, plans a total investment of 3 billion 434 million yuan, the design speed of 100 km / hour, roadbed width of 19 meters, along the area of Delingha City, Wulan County, Dulan County, the main line length of 146.08 km. At present, the project has completed 1055 of the bridge pile foundation, the whole line of roadbed engineering and special roadbed treatment project has been basically completed. The highway is completed, to improve the highway network "3410 Qinghai province" basis, with the high-speed Beijing Tibet line G6, State Road 214 line highway and Qinghai Tibet railway, the new green railway combine to form the comprehensive transport network, to improve the highway network in Qinghai Province, improve production and living resources along the development conditions, drive regional economic development along the line, promote the project along the herdsmen poverty as soon as possible, to consolidate national defense, strengthening national unity, is of great significance to improve the highway emergency pat and anti disaster ability, the construction of socialist harmonious society.  

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