Development of small and micro enterprises in the north of the city

north area breakthrough attention Small and micro businesses development as stable employment and the establishment of a harmonious society, as to solve real business problems, the primary task to keep steady economic growth, not only pay attention to changes in the macroeconomic situation and the impact on small and micro enterprises, pay more attention to the practical difficulties and problems Small and micro businesses, increase support and service efforts, to create a good environment for the development of Small and micro businesses. At present, the north area of the existing Small and micro businesses 1310 households, among them, engaged in animal husbandry and fishery water Small and micro businesses and mining industry, 320 industrial enterprises, small and micro enterprises in wholesale and retail 612 households, small and micro enterprises building 113 households, small and micro catering accommodation enterprises 17 households, transportation, warehousing enterprises 19 households, and software information technology services, information transmission enterprises 30, real estate development and management, property management companies 71, leasing and business services enterprises 44 households, 36 households and other enterprises.

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