College entrance examination sounded the countdown to prepare for alarm

May 21st, the municipal government held in 2013 the city’s high, mid-term examination work conference, the high, the examination of the work carried out a comprehensive deployment, marking the city in 2013, the high school entrance examination into the countdown.

, the number of high school admitted to the examination room set: this year the college entrance examination enrollment of 14389 people, down 570 last year; the city to enroll in the senior high school entrance examination (not including Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties) junior graduates for 10798 people (including students and back to the previous Ning Sheng), the registration work is underway. College entrance examination this year, the city has a total of 15 test sites, 481 examination. College entrance examination time for June 7th -9. The test is divided into two stages, the physical examination set up 6 test sites, the time for June 1st -5 days; cultural class exam set up a test site, the 377 examination room, examination time is -23 days in the year of June 21st.

new equipment of anti cheating: the Ministry of education in accordance with the new regulations, the county this year for the college entrance examination test center is equipped with a 2-3 security door, room set clock radio, together with the plus shielding device, metal detector, identification instrument, examiners master and committee of the signal detection of vehicles and other equipment, comprehensive containment the modernization of cheating. In addition, this year I won national awards of 1 million 800 thousand yuan of funds, the City Board of education, other investment 1 million 680 thousand yuan, built a branch, Xining Huangchuan twenty-two medium 6 standardized test sites, has been with the national, provincial and municipal recruitment network command platform. In order to ensure the normal operation of the remote monitoring system and the IP digital broadcasting system, the personnel are trained again to ensure the safety of the English listening test.

the avoidance system of suspected banned: this year, the senior high school entrance examination to avoid high, all relatives in high and middle school teachers, senior high school entrance examination, graduates class teachers should be avoided, not supervise work, at the same time, banned all high school teachers as college entrance examination invigilation. In the examination room, the invigilator to deal with cheating or unexpected circumstances, we must ensure that the candidates do not affect the normal examination.

municipal government announced: thorough investigation of noise telephone to prevent commercial, entertainment, architecture, market, industry, fireworks, disorderly stall point phenomenon made noise interference candidates, June 1st -21, municipal government "neat noise" public telephone (12345) will be 24 hours before, the problem of noise pollution complaints were dealt with.

strict examination candidates plus qualifications: senior high school entrance examination with bonus condition examinee, must be in the school, the class needed publicity, without objection can report, city admissions will be strictly review of the submitted list; "immigration test" to use various means to the parties to resort to deceit, in accordance with the disciplinary rules and seriously dealt with, but also for the leadership of the unit in charge of the leadership responsibility…… Through efforts to be in our city last year, the high school entrance examination to achieve six zero on the basis of the goal, and then achieve the goal of "five do not let". Washington (reporter boat)


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