Do business to know how to speak

do business in a lot of time, but we have a great relationship with this mouth, after all, if you can achieve reasonable words, often able to facilitate business to achieve. In short, if you want to successfully open a good shop, you want to achieve a better operation of the store, we must be able to make a reasonable statement.

a strange customer came into my shop, pointing to the counter of the Nanjing cigarette asked: "boss, this Nanjing smoke (Ying Jiapin) the whole buy what price?" The usual retail fifteen yuan a pack of cigarettes in Nanjing, the profit is also good, a package can earn two dollars, now buy the whole, earn less, thought he said: "give you one hundred and forty".

I usually in the store one hundred and thirty yuan can buy, and now you are too expensive for you, I am a stranger in the bargain with me. If they can discuss the price with you here, that customers really want to buy desire, just want to save money, but as this time the owner may be angry, actually not, will people than their own heart, we usually think out when buying something, you want to spend the least money to buy the best thing ah.

I of strange customer said: "the eldest brother, the Nanjing smoke if it is at this time last year, don’t say you have one hundred and thirty, one hundred and thirty yuan is not the price I can sell to you, but now the price is really not to buy, because the smoke of the Spring Festival this year to now the market simply do not put the smoke, the general store has not sold the smoke.

I’m here now is a door to collect the smoke every day, but I did not sell the house, just to keep the old customers to buy their own store, if you really want a cigarette, so now I’m back in your step, upset you say, don’t say my price, now in accordance with the price of one hundred and thirty-five yuan to sell one to you, how do you see?" See me such an analysis, a strange customer hesitated, ready to move the footsteps stopped: "well, give me a bar".

when the deal is completed, the customer went away, my heart hanging it down, in fact, said one hundred and thirty yuan when facing the customer, I also believe that because the purple Nanjing here this year is not too popular, the general store is the price of the buy, but this the selling price is not much profit, no profit business that also depends on what time.

is now a lot of shopkeepers have engaged in the service industry, but the temper is bigger than anyone else, once the customer is not satisfied with the words do not want to listen to. In fact, in the case can generate profits, why don’t we go for it, business is not only to utter words of things, sometimes also need not be afraid of failure of courage and flexible mind, at the same time we can also stand in the customer’s position to consider the feelings of others, then.

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