Xining City Central New Rural Cooperative ginseng alloy record

City District of Xining City, take measures to promote the 2013 annual payment of new rural cooperative medical work smoothly. Up to now, the number of participants up to 29374 people, the scale of personal financing amounted to more than 117 yuan, a record high over the same period last year.

Jointly organized by the city of

district agricultural increase of the new rural cooperative medical policy advocacy efforts to improve public awareness of policy rate; printed medical procedures, the NCMS reimbursement note and other convenience services, simplify administrative procedures, convenient for farmers; medical institutions at all levels of service quality improvement, the participation of the masses to yield increased year by year. To feel the benefits of the new rural cooperative medical system, participation is more and more high, from the original "to my participation into I want participation, active consultation and participation reimbursement etc.. The new rural cooperative medical policy more Huimin, individual contributions to 40 yuan per person in the context of increased levels of financial subsidies, increase 100 yuan per person, per capita funding level reached 400 yuan; at all levels of medical institutions designated reimbursement ratio increased, payment ratio from the original 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% adjustment increased to 70%, 80%, 80%. 90%, so that farmers get more benefits, significantly increased the enthusiasm of farmer participation fee. (author: Xu Shulin)

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