Yindajihuang west main canal project proposal by the Ministry of water resources shuiguizongyuan rev

in April 20 to 23, the provincial yindajihuang xiganqu canal project proposal in Xining passed the Ministry of water resources water conservancy and hydropower planning and Design Institute review, which marks the preparatory work to achieve substantive progress west channel project.

during the period of review by the Ministry of water resources shuiguizongyuan, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other relevant expert group composed of experts in the project area of field investigation, listening to the reports, and through group discussion, refer to the design documents and meetings and other forms, the necessity of the West Main Canal project construction tasks, and hydrology, engineering geology, construction scale and the project layout and the main building, electrical and metal structure, the construction organization design, construction land acquisition and resettlement, environmental impact assessment, soil and water conservation project management, project investment estimation and economic evaluation are studied and discussed, the formation of the review opinions. (author: Luo Lianjun Ma Shenglu)

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