Tens of millions of dollars for fresh air pollution control

Chimney, investigate dust, removal of polluting enterprises…… Last year, another air pollution remediation action in the west district "sword" started, and achieved good results. It is understood that this year, West District continue to carry out pollution control action, and arrangements for 10 million yuan pollution control fund, to improve and enhance the quality of the environment, to create a beautiful environment of the modern west.

strong measures to ensure the success of air

reporter from the West District Environmental Protection Department learned that in 2013, West District, vigorously carry out pollution control action, has shut down 7 polluting enterprises, 4 coalyard, unplug all illegal chimneys, curb the dust pollution, and the purchase of 4 vehicles sanitation equipment, set aside 87 key pollution control grid unit, transformation hardening 7 large parking lot the ground surface hardening of more than 10800 square meters. 2014, west district air pollution control work will be based on the consolidation of the results of the interim results, continue to increase the intensity of rectification, and strengthen measures to ensure that the region’s air quality excellent rate of more than 65%. At the same time to improve the construction site dust pollution, by strengthening measures, strive for construction site Weidang construction site 100%, 100% road hardening, five one hundred percent the effectiveness of site waste transport vehicle wheel body 100% rinse and closed transportation, not the development of site 100% is green or covered, and the violator shall be given a heavier punishment.

a pair of fine governance

West District Environmental Protection Bureau official told reporters that this year, in addition to the establishment of a long-term mechanism for air pollution control, pollution control will also be refined. Among them, the governance of urban road dust, to strengthen the road cleaning and cleaning measures to increase primary and secondary roads, street sprinkler frequency, so that the city is wet". In the area of bare land greening, to achieve full coverage of bare vegetation, to solve the problem caused by naked dirty, exposed dust. At the same time, the implementation of the management of the muck transport company, the installation of GPS for all muck vehicles, information monitoring. Thorough investigation of transport vehicles set to smuggle construction waste dust pollution, law enforcement inspection, the implementation of 24 hours monitoring, tracking control. This year, will invest more than 200 yuan on the 109 National Road along the 6 parking lot and sea lake bridge under the treatment of large mechanical parking lot 1. Strengthen the coal-fired pollution control, banned without unified planning of the coal storage and processing facilities; implementation of coal for all food and beverage industry scope area "forbidden coal zone" (oil) smoke treatment; entrance area set up checkpoints to prevent low-quality coal into the city; the implementation of the difficulties of the masses of high-quality coal subsidies, increase the "coal to gas" efforts complete the annual, yellow car out of the task. To complete the task of pollution reduction, focusing on strengthening the drainage ditch and 109 National highway along the small polluting enterprises remediation.


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