Wang Yubo three construction to make the masses supervision and evaluation

recently, mayor Wang Yubo pomp, in-depth contact point three units north of the city area, investigation and supervision of basic construction work. Wang Yubo and his entourage came to the Chaoyang Street Qilian Road West, Xining rural commercial community service center, Da Bao Zi Zhen Zhu Village and other grass-roots organizations, every one, he has a detailed understanding of the unit in strengthening the construction of grass-roots organization, enhance the basic work ability, strengthen the basic work and other aspects of the new approach, new and existing problems, and careful questioning of ordinary people, the grass-roots staff of basic understanding, understanding and construction to carry out basic construction suggestions.

Wang Yubo pointed out that three provincial construction is a profound understanding of the central requirements, combined with the actual situation in the province, the strategic deployment of governance from strengthening governance green height to make, is to enhance the ruling ability, cohesive strength and political engineering, also serves the masses of the people, to solve practical problems, promote the reform and development of stable project. North District government building three innovative, distinctive, bright, have a good summary, find the combining point of three construction and the work of the center, to achieve the same arrangement, with the deployment, with the implementation of a strong impetus to the construction of three achieved remarkable results.

Wang Yubo requirements, to strengthen the awareness and understanding of the significance of three from the height of the construction of politics. The core objective is to enhance the construction of basic governance, close ties with the masses. Is the practice of Party building work, concrete. To learn, to consciously promote action consciously, enhance the overall situation of the work, enthusiasm, initiative. Two to grasp the basic construction in three real standard. The requirements of the standard and construction of three three real good combination, embody and implement, really grasping, grasping the long-term, effective grasp, and grassroots organizations to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness, improve grassroots party members and cadres of the sense of mission and responsibility, and constantly improve the ability and level of service to the people. Three look at the goals and tasks, adhere to problem oriented, not only the "rotation", but the "revolution", the basic construction reflects the effectiveness in solving the problems and contradictions, embodied in harmony and stability, create a safe community (Village), the problem of practical response to good reform, development and stability. Three construction so that the people can feel, evaluation, supervision. Four to pay attention to the work method, to grasp the two ends, with the middle, one hand typical lead, grasping the weak link. To be good at cultivating a batch of typical propaganda, Dianxingyinlu, reflect, to reflect; to grasp the transformation and promotion of backward, grasp the weak compaction based reinforcement, innovation, strict requirements, effectively promote the rapid and healthy economic and social development of the region.


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