You and me with the eyes of world science unlimited wonderful North District CDPF to carry out the


in order to improve the masses the eye, eye protection consciousness, develop good habits with the eyes. In the "National Day" is approaching, June 4th to 5, and the district CDPF District Health Bureau, the District Education Bureau combined deep into the area of part of the community and schools to carry out eye care special lectures.

this lecture by the District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine expert Shi Xiaoyan speech, respectively, in Chaoyang, small bridge office, the organization of the area of the elderly, low vision patients on behalf of more than 100 people to participate in lectures. In the lecture, Dr. Shi from the structure of the eye, causing eye diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and main factors effect on visual acuity, and what kind of patients are suitable for cataract surgery, the masses do detailed explanation, make you fully understand the meaning of love and love eyes eye. During the lecture, Dr. Shi also interact with each other, often encountered in the prevention of disease and treatment methods and the presence of the masses were discussed, one by one to the masses raised questions in detail. After the lecture, we paid for prevention, area residents diabetes in elderly health care knowledge, adolescent myopia prevention of more than 400 copies of promotional materials, hope these promotional materials on behalf of the people and their knowledge in the lecture to the extensive publicity out, in the area of the masses in the universal love eyes eye related knowledge, to develop a good habit the scientific eye in the crowd.

at the same time, also in-depth area schools, build green light for the kids to school, do hold lectures, Dr. Shi according to the actual situation of students, to explain the causes of myopia and amblyopia, and to prevent you the inconvenience, students are advised to early detection and early treatment, seize the best timing of treatment. The students of daily learning and living habits to make the relevant requirements, to promote the children often go to the outdoor activities, reading and writing, watching TV should not be too long, and nutritional diet for adolescents in detail. The children’s favorite way to spread the knowledge of eye care for them, explains Dr. Shi witty and humorous, usher the students of applause. The students hand eye model, puzzled, "originally we are using automatic speaking, this view of things, is to use it to understand the world. Believe this vivid lecture will take root in their young minds, the good habit of protecting our eyes from childhood.


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