Strengthen the audit of rural highway construction funds to ensure the safety of construction funds

conscientiously fulfill internal oversight responsibilities, adhere to the "Audit Law, serving the overall situation, around the center, focused, pragmatic" principle, strive to improve the city’s rural highway management and solve the problem analyzing ability and level, and constantly enhance the city’s rural highway internal audit prevention, revealing and resisting ability, for the construction of rural roads, health the stable and sustainable development escort, to ensure the safety of rural highway construction funds play a positive role. Xining city traffic bureau from June 19, 2012 of Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County traffic bureau, city traffic construction development Co., Ltd. four City Project Construction Committee, the District Construction Bureau of rural highway construction funds to carry out internal audit supervision.

audit group focused on the review of the three County Department of transportation construction of rural highway construction projects and the construction of the Municipal Construction Committee of Luqiao Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project, diligent Lane Bridge Engineering and four District Construction Bureau of construction of small urban construction projects, the "news". The focus of the audit tendering, from rural highway construction project bidding and contract implementation, construction, supervision, design and testing of the implementation of the contract, the implementation of the performance bond, guarantee money, disbursement of funds and the implementation of the contract price settlement, acceptance work and other aspects of the internal audit and supervision. From the audit situation, can be strictly according to plan implementation of the audit project, to strictly enforce the management procedure of rural highway construction, the allocation of funds to pay for projects in strict accordance with the provisions of the project schedule and contract, payment can be the examination and approval, the project price settlement can do the basic information is complete, complete procedures. The audit, reflecting the high degree of attention to the use of funds for rural road projects in the transport sector, designed to find problems through internal audit, ready to be rectified.




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