Aerospace experts into the province’s colleges and universities about the story of space

"21:31 on April 24, 1970, the first satellite" Dongfanghong Chinese launched "1 into space, this is a milepost significance China space history event, which is why our country will be set up in April 24th as the reason Chinese on space……" April 22nd, China Aerospace Science and technology group, a researcher Zhang Huiyuan came to the Qinghai University Museum of science and technology to teachers and students about the history of China’s aerospace.

according to reports, in April 24th this year, China’s first space day". Therefore, office of industry of science and technology, national defense aerospace expert at the Qinghai University for inviting the history and status quo of college students in our province and part of the military enterprises about the development of China’s aerospace industry, the status of aerospace industry in the national defense and economic construction in the role and future prospects. Through face-to-face talks lectures, photo exhibition and other forms of popular science, popular science knowledge of space, further inspire young people to love the motherland, advocating science, advocating the enthusiasm of scientists. ()


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