Moving around no familial affection

"If you don’t have a good word, if I don’t have the Secretary of the community and the staff to help me, my life will be over." Jin Cunding old man wiped his tears and said excitedly.

February 4th, the reporters came to the families of the lighting factory is located in the City District of Xining City Nanchuan Road No. 152, Jin Cunding old man lived in a small apartment in a more than and 30 square meter, the room is bright and clean, the sun from the window, looked very warm. "To say that the house, or the community to help people change, I used to live in the home of a family of old octagonal floor on the first floor of the corner, the house is very small, no windows, and wet and dark." Jin Cunding said.

Jin Cunding was born in Shanghai, in 1971 came to work in Qinghai province lamp factory, has been single. After retiring from the bulb factory, Jin Cunding was recruited to the families of the hospital stem from the cleaning work.

one day in 2013, the old man couldn’t get up because of the disease. The community’s long grid cash deposited Ding did not go out, they ran to see the situation, only to know the old man’s illness, so immediately contacted the community staff sent to the Red Cross Hospital for surgery. During hospitalization, the elderly were found malnutrition, the community will take turns to send people to the hospital to send food and care, and slowly the elderly nutrition to keep up, the body is better, until the discharge.

after discharge, first try to solve the community elderly housing problems, find a good environment of public houses in the families, coordinated by the community will move into the room decoration is good, simple furniture, buy bed linen, let the old man moved into the new house clean and bright, they like to take care of themselves family care for the elderly.

said the community is still running the old salary card and medical card, Chengzhong District Nanchuan road Fu Lu Xiang South Community Secretary Feng Junfang said: "in 2012, the community received reflected a lot of people Cunding gold debt, after a detailed investigation, Jin Cunding learned the old people in retirement every month 2000 multiple pensions, because the old man would not do housework, the monthly pension was cheated a lot, living in poverty, owed nearly ten thousand yuan loan. So the community decided to take over the management of Jin Cunding’s money, after a year and a half to pay off the arrears. Now we will give the elderly one hundred or two hundred yuan a week pocket money, if the elderly need to buy things, will also help buy the past."

usually have rice oil, the community will leave a copy to the old Jin Cunding, the new year for the elderly to buy new clothes together to eat dumplings thirty, every day to see the old man a long grid will…… these moves are deeply touched by Jin Cunding old man, but also touched the neighbours.

know that people say that the community staff and the elderly do not have any kinship, but like Jin Cunding’s children, even beyond the family.


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