June 1st children free to visit Xining Wildlife Park

61, do you plan to take the children to play? The reporter learned from the Xining wild zoo, May 30th to June 1st, the zoo for children below 1.4 meters open Easy Access, kids can enjoy free admission to visit.

the arrival of the holiday, the Xining wild zoo animal babies also laicourenao, newborn baby zebra (born third zebra Park) Mom and Dad, my brother and sister together the happy family of five; white kangaroo baby ash in the summer has quietly climbed out of the mother’s pouch occasionally, peep evoke everyone’s curiosity; and the raccoon baby, and other animal baby baby lemur looking kids and spend the holiday for children.

Xining wild zoo in order to meet the arrival of Children’s Day, specifically the introduction of new projects, increase the park play fun watch. 3D exhibition let children give full play to the imagination, people feel wonderful effect combined with picture perfect animal; extinct mammoth specimens show in the Xining zoo, in which marvel or aquarium or regret; the introduction of new types of sea fish, let the children like in the movie "Finding Nemo".

in addition, in order to let the children have a happy and meaningful Children’s Day, Xining zoo in May propaganda during the issuance of science education to children in the city more than a thousand copies of cards and three counties, from June 2nd to June 30th this card can be free to visit the Xining wild zoo designated Exhibition children get cards.


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