Thousands of people solemnly vowed to start from scratch to make Xining more beautiful

the morning of March 15th, the ancient city of Xining City, Taiwan thousands of obligations of supervisors, "Chuangwei Chuangwei LRRH" Chuangwei, young volunteers, representatives of the public and the "five small" industry practitioners, self-employed market in bona Plaza, the collective solemn oath: "to make Xining more beautiful, I want to start from now on, begin from me, from a bit to start, create a national health city as a city of Xining, a force…… Take practical action to support and participate in the city Chuangwei work."

after the oath, everyone in the "million signatures of support Chuangwei" scroll solemnly signed his name. Then, the big hand little hand Chuangwei Little Red Riding Hood "campaign started, hundreds of students wearing a red hat, distributed to every important area nearby, to stop and correct some of the adults uncivilized behavior and pick up garbage; Chuangwei enthisiastically obligations of supervisors received Chuangwei tools, began to be in full swing city sanitation labor; the young volunteers took the news Chuangwei banner, voluntary into the city Chuangwei ranks;" five small "industry practitioners, self-employed who quickly returned to their respective market shops, in accordance with the" in front of three "," door standard "," start dressing"…… At the same time, "of a letter to district units and the general public like snowflakes flying into thousands of households:" news is only a starting point, I believe you will not end point, as in the past to support and participate in the city Chuangwei work, Xining must have your good credit and sweat."


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