Xining West District to invest 800 thousand yuan to beautify the Chinese Lane

West District of Xining City, one lane, two lane, Lane three, the main wall on both sides of the four lane is built in the last century in 80s. For a long time, the existing cement wall off the roadway, severely damaged, more individual parts of the tilt or depression, visual impact. In the first half of this year, the West District invested 800 thousand yuan, on both sides of the Lane Lane solid walls were landscaping and repair. The whole wall with gray antique style color, brick cornice capping, with twelve animals, like the word "happiness" pattern, the transformation plan and develop leisure stone chair. At the same time on the first lane, two lane, lane, Lane on both sides of the 75 thousand square meters of the walls were repaired, and the new and installed flower beds, leisure chairs, such as the four. In addition, the five Lane Street beautification project officially started on the day before. (author: Wu Yachun Sivan)  

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