Green A T new taxi license replacement details have not been determined in Xining

  "of course I would like to change to a uniform licence! As a result, ‘black car’ will not, and we also feel safe to run." December 3rd, the provincial capital of the taxi driver Zheng Xiang readily in the application for the photo above to write, I agree to the vehicle registration, the replacement of a special license plate, a few words. He said that the drivers are one hundred percent to support the uniform number of Xining taxi.

‘green A· T’ is a taxi in Qinghai, Xining (Qing A) means, with the Xining taxi unified license plate, the relevant departments in the supervision and management of the black car can effectively combat the. The number plate has not yet started, is now being investigated, we investigated the more than and 200 drivers, basically agreed to change the license plate." Xining Shen Qing taxi line ginger manager said.

reporter investigated 30 taxi drivers, taxi drivers have expressed willingness to replace the special license plate 30. A driver said: if you need to replace the license fee, less than 200 dollars, we are willing to pay."

currently, Xining city vehicle administration is widely consulted, how to replace the license plate, when issued, will not charge a series of issues such as the replacement has not been determined.


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