Last year the city received a total of 150 thousand effective alarm

January 7th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference, in 2015, the city received a total of 152716 effective alarm, and in 2014 (from 138692) rose by 10%. At the same time, in the country’s thirtieth day of publicity on the occasion of the 110, the police issued to the general public a variety of warm tips.

arrested all kinds of existing crimes 287

2015, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police units at all levels to give full play to the rapid response, collaborative combat role, the city’s various units quickly out of the police, arrested on various existing crimes 287 693 people by 110 orders, an increase of 87 from 358 in 2014 compared with 200 of 335 people. Among them, the 16 captured 33 people robbery, intentional injury of the 11 20, 11 11 people died the intentional injury causing theft, the existing 75 108 people, a strong blow to the criminal behavior, fully reflects the actual function of dispatching command against the current crime.


command shows three features

[alarm volume continued to rise] January to 2015 in December, the city received a total of 152716 effective alarm, and in 2014 (from 138692), an increase of 10%. Less than 60 thousand "effective police since 2006, growth in 2015 to more than 15, increased more than 1 times.

[criminal police intelligence category and last year fell 7%] which robbery police intelligence fell 28% and 2014; fraud alarm rose 55%. Theft alarm fell 17%. Burglary alarm among them fell 17%; theft of motor vehicle alarm fell by 46%.

[help class and traffic accident type police situation rises obviously] security class police situation and in 2014 rose by 2% year on year, in which the police fighting situation fell by up to a year by year; dispute class police sentiment rose by 26%. Traffic accident police sentiment rose 18%; help class police sentiment rose by 21%.


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