Xining City north of the city began to build fine concept of 7 small urban construction road

days ago, Seongbuk Xining adhering to the concept of refinement, the high standard of planning a high starting point, focus on the construction of urban and rural construction, the efficient management and fine service as a focal point to the optimization of living environment, start the construction of 7 small urban road.

it is understood that the area north of the city of Xining plans to invest 16 million 250 thousand yuan, the construction of the temple Tai Zi Cun road, Beichuan Road, Tianju hotel planning of Riverside Road Hexi, Beichuan river riverside road (opened in Beichuan Chaoyang Road and South Riverside East Road, North Road (convergence) Zen building Huangshui River Market Road to North Temple), Lei Jia Xiang River Planning Road, North Road (a bridge to the temple groove bridge) 7 small urban road construction road, 2984 meters. At present, in addition to the north riverside road is for the pre bid work, the remaining 6 roads have been completed the bidding work, of which 4 roads have been at the beginning of September to the end of October to start the construction, commissioning. Plans to invest 1 million 400 thousand yuan, in Lei Jia Xiang, Jian Bei Xiang, Xiang Jian Nan Xiang, Qinghai engineering machinery plant and the 5 Road on both sides of the installation and replacement of street lights 170, to be delivered at the end of October.

the positive perfect new rural resettlement area infrastructure, beautify the environment, plans to invest 13 million 270 thousand yuan, a total length of 55 kilometers of hardened Bao Zi Zhen Tao Nan, Yan Bao Zhai, small wave, 11 village road. At present, the home of the Bay Village, Tao Nan village, Wang village has completed 5 kilometers of road hardening. (author: Fan Shengdong)

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