Xining 190 million funds to allow farmers to enjoy the reform and development of dividends

this year, Xining city will continue to increase investment in agriculture, improve the livelihood of the people in rural areas make a fuss, will arrange funds 190 million yuan, an increase of 35.1% over last year, the implementation of national food subsidies, seed subsidies, farm machinery purchase subsidy, so that the majority of farmers enjoy the dividends of reform and development.

it is understood that this year, Xining city continue to improve rural people’s livelihood as an important work for the implementation of a number of major projects, invested 340 million yuan in rural housing, road construction and other infrastructure construction, completed the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas and rural housing each reward 6000 households, the new 200 kilometers of rural roads, 5 bridges. The office service center 119, village level information service station 10, 100 rural mutual happiness Hospital; construction of rural comprehensive service center 8, "ten thousand villages market project" village direct service center 20. Do a good job in rural collective assets, capital, resources, three capital supervision network platform for subsequent construction, the city’s 931 villages to achieve full coverage of network supervision.


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