Qinghai Lake area increased by 10 years in West Lake 8

According to the latest results of remote sensing monitoring of meteorological science research in Qinghai province showed that the Qinghai Lake area for 8 years increased, the area of 4354.28 square kilometers, than over the same period increased 58.54 square kilometers, equivalent to about 10 of Hangzhou West Lake area.Zhou Bingrong, deputy director of the Institute of meteorology, Qinghai Province, senior engineer, introduced from the beginning of 2001, the meteorological department continued to conduct dynamic monitoring of the Qinghai Lake area, each year on July, published in the relevant results in September. In 2005 as a turning point, the area of Qinghai Lake into the growth period, EOS/MODIS satellite data monitoring in July 19th this year, the Qinghai Lake area of 4354.28 square kilometers, more than the same period last year increased 14.58 square kilometers, which is nearly 12 years the largest value.

Zhou Bingrong analysts believe that since entering the flood season, precipitation in the areas around Qinghai Lake side, especially in Tianjun county is more than 1 times this year, and completely defrost the lake Qinghai Lake area, Qinghai Lake area more over the years increased significantly.

in addition to the impact of rainfall increased, the amount of water added and other natural factors, the country has also taken a grassland, artificial rainfall and other protective measures, the Qinghai Lake area has continued to increase, and this trend will continue." Zhou Bingrong said that as China’s largest inland saltwater lake, Qinghai Lake is the Qinghai Tibet plateau ecological environment change "indicator" and "regulator". In recent decades, due to the influence of climate warming and human activities, the area of Qinghai Lake is shrinking and the ecosystem is degraded.


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