Xining 178 projects by the attention of merchants

The morning of June 11th, the municipal government held a green development and characteristics of industrial projects Xining special promotion meeting, the meeting recommended 178 projects, involving an amount of 200 billion 756 million yuan project, including industry, agriculture, building materials and circulation, many businessmen entrepreneurs favor.

in the promotion of the 178 projects, the construction of Aluminum Industrial Park, with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of organic amines, with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of silicon aluminum alloy and other industrial projects, involving an investment of $32 billion 205 million. There are 19 kinds of agricultural and animal husbandry projects, such as deep processing of wild vegetables, excellent forage seed breeding base, facilities agriculture development, involving investment of 2 billion 305 million yuan. Building materials market construction, the famous furniture products distribution center of Tibet, International Auto City and other commercial projects 19, involving an investment of 23 billion 73 million yuan. There are national 4A class tourist attractions of the ancient city of the expansion project, a group of national Forest Park scenic spot development, such as the construction of a large the Great Wall Ruins Park cultural tourism projects 34, involving an investment of 27 billion 90 million yuan. There are commercial, commercial, hotel and apartments, urban complex development and construction projects 50, involving an investment of 113 billion 590 million yuan. There are 15 basic infrastructure projects such as the construction of the infrastructure of the passenger transport station, the construction of the Cultural Park in the eastern part of the new town, and the transformation of the cultural plaza of Datong County, involving an investment of RMB 2 billion 493 million yuan.

at present, the city in urban development, industrial development, cultural tourism has a good potential for development. The future, Xining will be in accordance with the development strategy of "West expansion, the south live, North gifted, East extension, dredging", accelerate the development of city space development, reconstruction of the main city of Xining, around the update function promotion and DOPA Metro building, so as to guide the city space group changed from single center to multi center structure of traditional.


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