The government’s guidance and support electronic Yiwu will soon become a reality

electricity supplier is now developing well, with good market prospects. Investment advisor in the interview that, on the afternoon of 21 4 points, Putian Anfu electric mall Internet business cafe, a few square table into a temporary table, a dozen young people sitting together.

"engaged in counterfeiting, fake business after all there is no way out." Putian city Chengxiang District Economic and trade department responsible person said, from the beginning of 2011, city and district two class government policies, and actively guide and encourage an electricity supplier transformation and upgrading, brand, or agents at home and abroad to the regular brand, Anfu City e-commerce platform, to create "Yiwu electronic".

10 months, China buy · buy the world, Putian electricity supplier platform on-line. This is a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in 150 million yuan investment in the construction of the platform, 3D mall, 3D try functions added to traditional online shopping patterns, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment and interactive games and other functions in one, users play games like shopping.


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