These five areas of entrepreneurship in the capital of the winter situation clear

in the new era of the Internet, entrepreneurs are looking for new investment projects in the industry, to determine their own investment direction, in fact, this year, many entrepreneurs have found popularity in the industry full of entrepreneurial field.


1, intelligent hardware

2, virtual reality

2015, virtual reality (VR) has become the industry hot topic, more is expected to become the next "outlet", attracted a large number of enterprises in droves. Among these, both Oculus, SONY, Samsung and other well-known foreign enterprises, but also domestic storm mirror, 3Glasses and a number of domestic enterprises,

3, running social

If 2014 as the movement of social products the emergence period, 2015 is the year of the outbreak. Along with the rise of the running boom, and the popularity of mobile devices, users running the explosive growth of the size; at the same time, the running of APP financing news has just completed $18 million without stop, such as the B round of financing Wyatt laps, "super club" recommended a few months ago

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