Analysis of the development of pet industry

development of the pet industry offbeat has gradually over time and surfaced, the pet industry has now become popular with people in a leisurely and carefree mood, some of them like dogs and cats pets have also listed slowly become the preferred maintenance.

Analysis of

through the investigation of many offbeat pet game player, their subjects aged between 10-30 years old, young people and children. This phenomenon shows after a period of development, the pursuit of our young individual western countries began to close, special pet, on the one hand is the new mentality, but also show that the young generation of individual consciousness gradually get rid of the traditional ideas, adorable issued more inclusive of the idea of equality of all things, not to please direct the human pet as the main body, turning on the part of reptiles and small animal feeding, when the older generation seems unbelievable, young people have the idea of nature and individual consciousness better, this to a certain extent, is worth promoting.

Analysis of

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