Young women entrepreneurs adhere to years of results

now is no longer a strange thing for female entrepreneurs, female college students entrepreneurship is not unheard of, but want to business success, must learn from other successful experiences, paved the road of their own business foundation.

the past girl at home even to the hall as an understanding wife and loving mother, under the kitchen, now the woman was in the business to support a day, can let others to sigh! What’s a girl to do? The advantage of girls is delicate, patient, they will seriously consider any opportunity around, such as mouse pad. College students when they feel very difficult for employment, the only spent two years technical school girl who traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River northwest and even overseas. What’s a girl to do? 24 year old girl fishing gold for 4 years can not be described as not strong 170!

but did not earn money to work with the 24 year old Liu Yufen, born at the junction of a small town called people and occlusion in Gansu and Qinghai, and my father worked in a small factory, the mother did not work. The only way to change your destiny is to go to college.

1999 graduated from the technical school, recommended by Liu Yufen in Shanghai, a Taiwanese do handbag factory. She is in vocational art design major, unexpectedly, finally only as a glue industry no one is willing to do in the factory "". In the hot shop, Liu Yufen covered with glue and dander overalls often close to the body, let her down, but she never complained.

soon, Liu Yufen was recommended to the sales department as a clerk, she is very cherish this opportunity, she read a lot of books, and quickly understand the market sales of handbags.

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