Open milk can make money

under the economic conditions permit, is that people love to drink, and to supplement nutrition, so that the milk market is facing a huge market demand. In this context, many people will think about opening a fresh milk bar. So, open milk can make money? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

years, street family drinks and the emergence of a member of the milk bar, the biggest feature is the use of fresh milk production of dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, milk shake……

the project since the appearance of the market, has been sought after by investors. So the venture is so perfect?

self promotion:

fresh milk, fresh milk from the milk factory to the store, the time is not more than 3 hours. High profits, profits of up to 300%.

revealed truth: milk become deadly "soft"

milk bar biggest feature is the use of fresh milk. To do this, the prerequisite is the investor’s investment area must have an approved national quality inspection departments of the milk plant, and the logistics must be convenient. Otherwise it can not achieve the alliance declared "milk from the milk factory to store time to ensure that no more than 3 hours" commitment.

simple, if you have no milk factory area, then you don’t consider this project, otherwise can only resort to deceit ", in the end, the bad or the investors themselves.

net interest rate of only 15% – 25%

, according to industry sources, fresh milk bar is not a profiteering industry, its net profit margin of only 15% – 25%, even if the gross margin is not more than 50%. Don’t reach the leader claimed 300%. The reason is very simple, a good point of the milk factory leader will cooperate with the strength of the regional headquarters, is a model of the leader of the almost, mainly to sales of equipment, as investors need to find their own milk and negotiation.

is the current market situation, after three melamine incident, the domestic small milk plant survival rate is very low, is with milk plant, and milk factory basically will not only need every day hundreds of kilograms of milk milk bar cooperation. Investors can only choose two, three dealers, and even terminal retailers to buy fresh milk. This is due to too many intermediate links, profits will be significantly reduced, 15% of the net profit has been very good.

marketing experts Li Dong said, fresh milk from the project itself is a good project, but the biggest hidden threshold is milk, if investors have no ability to solve this problem, the most

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