Sellers must learn and customer relationships

why do some shopkeepers seem to be friends with every customer? Why some shopkeepers and shops every customer can have endless words? In fact, this is also a shop management skills. Shop business, in the face of many consumers. How to deal with consumers, how to maintain good relationship and "God", which is an important basis for poly popularity, Tim wealth. In the actual operation, some stores, although the location is good, good hardware facilities, operating funds, but after the shop has not been popular, fewer customers, the business is getting more and more depressed, and finally closed.

but some stores, although the location of the remote, small area condition is not very good, but it can hold the hearts of customers, customers get love, business is booming, bigger and bigger. This shows a practical problem: not only to have a business to do business, but also to learn to pull relationship, buy customers. Because man is the sum of all social relations. Good relationship with the customer, the business is also good to do. The other is to do a hammer trading, the first time the customer into the store, but also the last time into the store.

my smoke Hotel is located in the county a newly built street, the flow of people is not large, surrounded by three smoke hotel. On store decoration, social networking is not as good as others. But in the operation, I am very concerned about the relationship with the customer, the customer to see me honest, good service attitude, like the store to buy cigarettes. On the contrary, there is relationship between the other two on cigarette and liquor vendor and government agencies, and big buyers fancy group purchase, love, for the general customer service attitude of indifference, sometimes despise the migrant workers buy low-grade tobacco, the results against a lot of customers, customers have come to my shop to buy cigarettes.

in recent years, the government strictly control public funds, they shop and a marked decline in sales, business was not good, there is even a closed. Of course, as a peer, not Schadenfreude, but do not want to say: "business eccentric eye", not only to buy the main and deal with, to carry out the mass line, and the vast majority of consumers "relations". With the vast number of consumers to do backing, he worry about cigarettes without market.

and customer pull relationship, the first to respect the customer. Customers can enter your store, and you have a margin. Regardless of whether they are shopping or to buy many goods, as the owner, must respect the will and choice of the customer, not because customers do not buy goods or buy less, but they look favourably on.

second to warm service. Customers into the store not only to see your product quality and price, more important to see your service is good. The customer service is good, the mood is good, is willing to pay to buy you something; if the service is poor, frequently exhibit impatience, or even with customer and customer noisy, customers will feel that since money be bullied, than to other stores consumption.

Let the customer to

third. Cheap and fine is the customer

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