Ji min yogurt bar small business choice

Kat yogurt bar project to bring new opportunities for entrepreneurs to get rich. The brand project started low, the threshold is not high, so much attention to public investors. If you want to know more details about the project, Xiao Bian analyzed a few points, hoping to help you find the right development projects, as soon as possible to start the cause of food.


Kyrgyzstan guest scholar yogurt company has specialized R & D institutions and training base, has a dedicated work, rich experience, unity of brand operation and management team. The company has established a good development prospect for passenger Kyrgyzstan brand, and develop a plan for a few years, in a pragmatic, innovative and efficient for operating purposes, and strive to create a rich guest, Kyrgyzstan product characteristics and cultural connotation of the brand as everyone knows.

10 square meter shop cost, simple atmospheric passenger Kyrgyzstan, yogurt, small area, low rent, no chef, artificial, more entrepreneurial cost. 3 square meters of small stalls, no table, on-site sale, small stalls from the table without limit, table and service personnel, on-site production sale, packing away more convenient.

Kyrgyzstan guest scholar yogurt project, the investment cost is not high. Low operating costs, good business prospects, businesses can use less money to get a larger space for development. If you want to do small business, then choose the brand to be sure. Hurry up, together with the headquarters, to develop a greater business space, access to a more smooth development.

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