nner Mongolia Zhalantun chejueshi chain stores

is able to bring in China chejueshi auto beauty service brand owners of good quality, excellent service, the development process from inception to now has been more than ten years, automobile service chain has been extended to the more than 1 thousand and 300, the recent car Sir will enter Inner Mongolia, a Inner Mongolia Zhalantun chejueshi chain store is being unveiled the world.

inheritance chejueshi brand chain international standardization service, Inner Mongolia Zhalantun chain stores will be present in Zhalantun Inner Mongolia brand terminal stores the most widely, is also one of the terminal stores the best quality of service. As chejueshi auto beauty chain channel sink county "fine" model, 6C service model of Inner Mongolia Zhalantun chejueshi shop leading service standards will be injected into the new service model for the development of Zhalantun city after the car market in Inner Mongolia!

Inner Mongolia Zhalantun chejueshi shop "fine 6C service" beyond the traditional car service, it relies on the unique chejueshi terminal chain platform, consumer oriented to regulate chejueshi terminal stores specific business processes, customer service service and operation guidance service, and from the consumer demand, price customization, customer convenience, interactive communication, standard specification service commitment of the 6 aspects, this not only with the terminal consumption trend of Vicenza, more wonderful presents chejueshi the rich connotation of the brand.

has been committed to high-quality automotive chejueshi always attracted universal service stores development, an important part, this is our core strategy now, more than 1300 chejueshi fine 6C service stores has covered 31 provinces, all terminal network layout has formed the scale." Chejueshi auto service chain built ministry Wu said: "as one of the most China automobile service shop chain brand, will accelerate the fine chejueshi through the 6C store expansion, to further strengthen the brand influence, guarantee the sustained profitability of the terminal stores!"

as the representative and leading brand market China car after fusion chejueshi quality and brand, service and technology to gather, process and collision of science and technology, will be in Inner Mongolia Zhalantun shop for Aicheyizu brought more international and professional service experience. Finally, congratulations again Zhalantun chain grand Inner Mongolia business, and continue to uphold chejueshi full three-dimensional services and advanced management concept, get more improvement in the overall efficiency.

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