A new strategy to reduce the cost of enterprises in Xiamen to reduce corporate social insurance prem

the development of an enterprise in the market, can not do without their own management and financial strength, but also inseparable from the strong support of the local government. To actively promote the supply side structural reform, effectively help enterprises to reduce costs, enhance the vitality and support the sustainable development of the real economy, this year, the municipal government has issued the three batch of implementation to reduce the corporate social insurance burden of the new deal. Reporters yesterday from the Inland Revenue Department was informed that this year 1 to October, the Local Taxation Bureau has a total of 108 thousand households in the city enterprises to implement social security 5 burden 2 billion 505 million 590 thousand yuan.

new ways to cut costs, reduce the Xiamen enterprise social insurance, to reduce the burden of enterprises in the circumstances, many enterprises hope the Xiamen can get further development in the future. 2 billion 500 million yuan of social insurance businesses to benefit from the policy burden underpaid, including pension insurance 1 billion 62 million 330 thousand yuan, 760 million 310 thousand yuan of medical insurance, unemployment insurance, 497 million 690 thousand yuan, 111 million 660 thousand yuan of industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance 73 million 600 thousand yuan. In addition, in October the city before the company also paid less than 215 million 580 thousand yuan of labor union funds, the disabled employment security fund of $186 million 130 thousand.

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