Liangshan tourism development of new ideas to start the wisdom of tourism construction

due to the differences in geographical conditions, the characteristics of each city’s economic development is not the same, as our inland areas of Liangshan, beautiful scenery and good space, is a good place for the development of tourism. Liangshan as one of the province’s second batch of 10 pilot cities in the wisdom of tourism, a comprehensive start of the wisdom of tourism construction. In the Sichuan Tourism Committee concerned and under the guidance of the correct leadership of the party and the state government, after more than a year of exploration and practice, Liangshan wisdom tourism project construction has achieved initial results, completed the construction of "1+9" project.

is a data center and tourism emergency command platform, tourism data analysis, tourism information network, tourism e-government platform, e-commerce system, internal integrated office platform, mobile terminal platform (WeChat mobile phone APP+ platform), traffic monitoring system, Tourism Advisory complaints management system nine application system, Liangshan wisdom tourism the building has been at the forefront of the province.

Liangshan wisdom tourism platform to serve tourists as the core concept in the modern Internet information technology to support the realization of networked intelligent service, tourism management, tourism marketing wisdom, to meet the public and tourists, traveling, shopping and entertainment, personalized needs, provide a full range of tourist information services the.

During the

text brigade Festival, the State Tourism Bureau in the "Liangshan tourism information network", "mobile phone APP" and "WeChat public number" column, published daily festival culture travel information and tourism resources in Liangshan; actively carry out "pay attention to send traffic to share send calls and other activities; on July 18th to 27, to mobile phone users push inside and outside the States welcome propaganda messages totaling 910 thousand and 300, among them, 502 thousand and 300 foreign tourists.

the tourism festival activities involve a work permit, invitations, tickets, T-Shirts, advertising boards are loaded printed mobile phone APP, WeChat public platform to broadcast a two-dimensional code number; text brigade Festival, Torch Festival opening ceremony, visit 5312 times; Sichuan, tourism commodity exhibition opened in the Tourism Festival, and Check Inn Hotel guests set show the wisdom of tourism experience area, take online transactions, offline experience, let the guests, visitors and citizens through experience the wisdom of tourism terminal service system.

in order to allow Liangshan to do more successful tourism projects, Liangshan tourism development of new ideas, start the wisdom of tourism construction, I hope we can see more results. Enjoy the Liangshan tourism feast, access to online services anytime and anywhere, carry, Xpress, so that visitors travel more convenient, easy and comfortable, realize a mobile phone in Liangshan". Up to now, the state of the wisdom of tourism platform mobile APP downloads has reached more than 9000 people, WeChat fans amounted to 7900 people, the platform has begun to promote the effectiveness of publicity.

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