How many stores operating skills to join foot

There are a lot of leisure brand

on the market, a series of problems, such as how to choose the project preparation for the opening of troubled investors. Foot stores make money business share, so that more investors can use to obtain useful experience, take a shortcut to wealth. Here’s a small series to see the specific details of it!

A, the store management depends on the brand

have guests: ask: "your ‘foot store’ name was good ah!" Student: "we are joined, the whole country has our shop." Guest: "you are a lot of stores." Staff: "I don’t know, I’m a new." Guest: "your technology is the same." Staff: "no, before school, came here on the mount, we come together with several." This answer is undoubtedly a failure of the propaganda, foot shop culture spread, guest impression of foot shop is not good, again the possibility is small, brand culture (enterprise) is caused by the lack of implicit store management problems.

decoration style is the foot store brand (enterprise) is an important condition of cultural heritage, but some shop decoration is too luxurious or too modern, resulting in visual perception is not sufficient, resulting in the lack of culture enterprises (brand). Foot shop daily and various exhibition enterprises (brand) is an important way of cultural transmission. The main purpose of the company provided for the franchise exhibits is the support of franchise business to maintain brand integrity, some franchisees did not take the initiative to show guests health book and newspaper, give up the promotion of enterprise (brand) culture.

two, store operating in investor relations

Interpersonal relationship

three, store manager

The important role of

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