Zhejiang Qinglian food Limited by Share Ltd to carry out internal Entrepreneurship

for a mature large enterprises, encourage enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship is a very promising project, can use a variety of business management, is a good choice to win-win for businesses and employees.

A, with respect to self-reliance entrepreneurial way, obviously internal entrepreneurship in the capital, equipment, personnel and other resources advantage. As entrepreneurs are very familiar with the corporate environment, there is no capital, management and marketing network in the presence of entrepreneurship, can focus on the development and expansion of new markets. At the same time, due to the enterprise environment provided by the enterprise is more relaxed, even if the failure of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need to bear the responsibility is much smaller, thus greatly reducing their psychological burden.

for enterprises, the establishment of internal entrepreneurship mechanism, can not only meet the elite staff at a higher level "sense of achievement" desire to retain talent, but also conducive to enterprises to adopt diversified economy, expand the market area, the continuation of the development cycle of the enterprise. Dynamic and innovative thinking of internal entrepreneurship can often inject new vitality into the traditional enterprise, to maintain constant innovation and sustainable development.

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