Anhui farmers into the city to buy a house to reward the government fully liberalized restriction

Anhui region has been fully liberalized purchase restrictions, farmers buy a lot of concessions to the city. Yesterday, the Anhui housing and construction office issued a new notice, including a series of related purchase policy, the recent purchase of the people may wish to take a look at the following.

6 on the evening of 2, the Anhui provincial housing department issued the introduction of the province to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market opinion, the province canceled the purchase and limit. Details are as follows:

to implement a series of stable housing policy and the provincial government issued recently to promote sustained and healthy economic development, before the 12 departments of Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, development and Reform Commission, Department of finance, land department, the Department of Commerce, Taxation Bureau, Price Bureau, finance office, State Taxation Bureau, the people’s Bank of Hefei Central Branch, provincial banking regulatory bureau, Anhui Province branch of China Development Bank jointly issued the "opinions on promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market". "Opinions" a total of 23, the main contents include:

to voluntarily withdraw from the homestead and farming, forest farmers into the city to buy commodity housing (including second-hand housing), the local government may at its exit legal homestead area, to give a one-time purchase reward. Support for the transfer of agricultural population of citizens, will have stable employment in cities and towns in line with the conditions of the transfer of agricultural population into the scope of housing security. Stable employment of migrant workers in cities and towns, the implementation of flexible housing provident fund deposit policy. Housing provident fund into a certain period of time, can apply for housing provident fund loans.

requires all planned and built in the sale of real estate projects to carry out a comprehensive investigation, according to the analysis of various types of housing demand, scientifically determine the annual commercial housing and land supply, a good grasp of the supply timing. For the real estate recommendation

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