Culture road street has a business salon

to promote entrepreneurship and employment first need an atmosphere, in order to have more young people to action, there is a business salon in Qinhuangdao, is a youth entrepreneurial base, where there is a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.

on the table more than a dozen large and small bags, each painted with a cute little alarm clock "logo", a 25 year old boy in Lulong Zhu Lizhuang picked up a bag, looking back and forth…… These bags filled with dried fruit snacks, is "small" in Zhu Lizhuang and Chen Xu after graduating from the University of business products, they also have a fun name "eclipse co own snack brand".

3 1 afternoon, they will "eclipse heart" in the vicinity of Haiyang Road, Haigang District Office laid a table, waiting for an early start.


"two young are nice, kind online than those famous snacks difference." When Zhu Lizhuang introduced the product to the staff of the social and social Bureau staff, the director of the Social Affairs Office of the Cultural Road Street, could not help but boast of the entrepreneurial project. He had been in touch with many of the two young men in the past few days, especially in the case of the.

"college graduates one-time business subsidies, social insurance subsidies, one-time employment subsidies…… These are not applied for." Employment Management Department of the person in charge of a careful calculation, told Zhu Lizhuang that they can also apply for at least 6 national policy subsidies.

The two man

"the entrepreneurial salon for us, help is too big." Chen Xu said that they lack professional business management background, which is in need of the salon master to give guidance, can let us take some detours."

"we’ll ask some grassroots entrepreneurial success figures, their experience may be more down to earth, you have to follow." Gao Jianqiang also did not forget to remind the recommended

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