Qindao Shun how chaos

ravioli, so cold a day you have a kind of want to eat a bowl of wonton. Is the heart in Chinese ravioli has become the symbol of warmth. Open a shop ravioli will be your most sensible choice. Xiaobian to recommend you shun chaos island.

Island Shun chaos? Analysis of chaotic day join advantage:

Shun Dao

1, very broad market prospects

Chinese world food country, but since most people think about fast food McDonald’s, KFC and other foreign brands, but the majority of consumer groups have the most Chinese restaurant is not a fast food brand called success. With the accelerated pace of life, the development potential of China fast food industry giant, launched the first reunion wonton fashion, colorful, healthy and delicious fast food diversification concept, if Chinese can get out of your own way, then the fast food industry in the world will no longer be the monopoly of the hamburger and fried chicken, quickly from the back out of the counter will be healthy colorful vegetable juice wonton, wonton, multi-dimensional fashion beautiful lady favorite fruit C wonton, the history of the development of Chinese fast food will be overwritten.

2, unique brand advantage

reunion wonton exclusive market opportunities, a series of product launches, both in the elderly population of healthy eating ideas, adapt to the social development and the fashion of young people, and for the beauty of the beauty of people, changing the original single brand wonton business projects, let every customer to fully satisfy your curiosity, at the same time enjoy healthy and delicious food.

3, strong and stable rear resources

Chinese catering industry alone has tens of thousands of square meters of factory, has continued operating 20 old brand Chanjuan headquarter as product development and distribution center, the top division to provide quality services to ensure

for product development

4, perfect planning service system


stores opened market promotion and planning activities throughout the guide, the national unified planning mode, brand protection and market reputation, the company implemented the CI image of the unified management, strict protection, prevent disorderly competition in the same brand

5, professional marketing team

from the store location, business district to determine the opening of the market to promote and support the whole process of

6, modern management service system

headquarters by a long period of intensive training, theory >

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