90 to tell you about the reasons for the failure of the electricity supplier shopping guide

people say that failure is not a nightmare, the real nightmare is that you do not learn from it. The following is a summary of the failure of 90 entrepreneurs, hoping to give back the entrepreneurs to provide a negative example, don’t make the mistakes.

A, not the entrepreneurial motivation. Entrepreneurship, some people are interested in, some people are in order to dream, there are people   is to change the world, most people in order to change their economic situation is simply to make money. I belong to the last one for fame and fortune. In fact, the last one can not say wrong, I made the mistake of excessive pursuit of fame and fortune.   I was in the past period of time, especially for fame and fortune, in the last company, the wages of a year on the number of changes, you can write an inspirational drama. But I have not met, regardless of the number of   how many to grow, for me, only about a month of happiness, to second months if the number is not continue to rise rapidly to zero happiness.

two, business time. In the month when I decided to start a business, it was a turning point in the industry. I do is the electricity supplier shopping guide industry, relying on the upstream platform is strong. That month, I decided to start a business, the upstream platform policy   changes have great influence on the whole industry, the whole industry by the rapid development into a stable development period, this time starting from scratch is a very difficult thing, but not optimistic about the capital market, financing becomes a very difficult thing to  . Matthew effect also began to appear, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker.

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