Electricity supplier to the impact of the curtain brand big

for the current number of store owners, the most disgusting is what? I am afraid the answer is a lot of shopkeepers electricity supplier. Indeed, this is the same industry competition can hardly be avoided, even running, after all in the same level, but the impact of the electricity supplier industry completely to the store owner who can not afford. In short, the electricity industry is in a stage of rapid development, the development of the situation this year is more pressing; for consumers will be able to go to home mall, supermarket, the impact on the store is enormous. But for the curtain industry which is more traditional industries, the impact of it?

curtain industry

Because the

of windows in our country and there is no uniform size, as a result the curtain industry is a customized industry, all aspects need to field measurement; another point is that the curtain cloth can be tens of thousands of species, and there are several coping styles, different consumer groups demand.

curtain electricity supplier situation

curtain industry is actually can go business routes, consumers only need to take the length of cloth, other styles can be, but relatively speaking, online sales type and style is relatively simple, can be said to belong to the curtain industry suppliers in the low-end industries, which is done relatively well will not affect the brand curtains.

curtain brand

as mentioned above, the electricity supplier industry may affect the low-end curtain industry customers, the curtain in the local brand can seize the high-end market, and to establish a brand image for the brand, the electricity industry has little influence on the curtain. For investors, when you choose the brand will choose a relatively low grade brands to join it?

so, although the electricity supplier has a certain degree of impact, the traditional curtain brand is indeed however, due to the special nature of the market, so the curtains, the impact is not large, as long as the store operating properly, money can also be achieved easily. So, if you are ready to open a curtain shop, you will not have to worry about the electricity supplier oh.

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