After 80% of the girls Chen Chen Yuan opened a cake shop success

a few million can succeed in business shop, under high current consumption seems to be a let many people feel unbelievable things, but in fact it shows us that all this may! At present, many girls love very delicious and affordable cake products, if it is more healthy products, certainly will cause panic buying. The girls who love to eat cake, the vast majority have opened a cake shop dream today, we tell about a girl after 80, forty thousand yuan to start a small business DIY cake shop success story!

shop is Chen Qiu is 80, who are still discernible: Rebel paper is the father’s surname, Chen is the name of your mother, and she was born in autumn, graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law Department of law, now a law firm as assistant director, ready to read Master of law and Business Administration of Southwestern University, is a personal hobby shop.

creative from romantic

bakery in Chongqing this autumn a high streets and back lanes, Chen an entry, but can’t shop get full of sound and colour by all that creative, Chongqing pastry shop, but can let customers DIY cake but almost No. A DIY cake shop, a romantic dream from the Chen Qiu: that Chen Qiu is the love, see "my name is Jin Sanshun", but also learn the TV actress, making a cake for the right people to eat. "When I made cakes, he was always the first to taste." Wen Chen Qiu said.


later love love when the mood settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, but gave Wen Chen autumn inspiration — why not open a DIY cake shop, so that all people can do their own cake, transferring his mind?

a fence three piles

from the beginning of May last year, the idea to open shop in August, the text of Chen Qiu only took more than two months to prepare. She said that they can open up the situation, relying on friends to help. And these friends, but also her understanding of the process of understanding. First, the Chen Qiu had from everywhere. In Guangzhou, a cake diy studio boss, generously experience and pastry DIY his formula for Wen Chen in autumn, and are willing to provide is not easy to buy imported raw materials for the cake, Chen Qiu said some raw materials, only very senior pastry chain stores to get.

in Chongqing, the owner of a pastry shop and the man became a friend of Wen Chen autumn, in addition to tell her a variety of raw materials and packaging channels, but also to teach her a lot of ways to make cakes. A pastry chef, often after work to the Chen Qiu shop, to help her counseling customer pastry. The Chen Qiu shop ovens and other equipment, but also by a friend of all hotel facilities. A fence three piles, Wen Chen shop but not more than 3 people to help. Treat people with sincerity, is her magic weapon to make friends. "After all, people recommended

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