How to promote the employment of college graduates in Dazhou

every summer is the graduation season, the community will usher in a large number of graduates. Although the current economic development, education has been greatly developed, but employment is a big problem. Dazhou in the face of such a situation, this year, through a good grasp of the four articles to promote employment and Entrepreneurship of college graduates, and the following on the specific understanding of the small.

innovation, good policy support articles. Has formulated "on further employment work well under the new situation of the implementation of views" on "to increase efforts to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial views" and other documents, the entrepreneurship training, business loans, business subsidies from graduation year college students expand to within 5 years after graduation and college students; campus recruitment will be included in the public the employment service activities to support; to give a one-time job subsidies to poor families in urban and rural areas and disabled graduates; student to reach more than 20 people and the probationary period retention rate reached more than 50% of the training base, training subsidy standards on minimum salary; encourage students to participate in training on probation, and to give the employer a year social insurance subsidies and job subsidies.

grasp employment, do platform service articles. Department of human society have jointly by letter, the Communist Youth League, women’s federations and other departments have organized a spring action, employment assistance, private enterprise recruitment week, college graduates and post industrial park docking negotiations "and other special college graduates employment service activities, the cumulative provide suitable jobs for university graduates employment information of more than 10000, 1356 colleges and universities the graduates and employers to sign the employment agreement in recruitment.

grasping help, do a good job in aid articles. Zero employment families, urban and rural households, difficult worker households and rural poor households and other employment cards for needy families in the employment of college graduates are not listed as the focus, focus on helping to implement and carry out active delivery policy, training delivery, send jobs to send messages, send five subsidy delivery service. The implementation of college graduates job subsidies to reduce their job search costs.

currently grants 268 thousand yuan to apply for a job, a total of 335 urban and rural subsistence allowances for family graduates, graduates and graduates with disabilities to enjoy subsidies for the poor 2015. Vigorously develop the grass-roots social management and public service public service jobs, collected a number of public service jobs, the employment of special difficulties underpinning assistance; improve aid measures, the flexible employment of college graduates and service agencies in the public employment talent through the real name registration, required to pay social insurance fees, subsidies into the scope of social insurance. This year, there are transitional resettlement 236 family difficulties, employment difficulties of college graduates, the issuance of flexible job subsidies, social insurance subsidies of about 1200000 yuan.

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