How to open a breakfast shop to attract customers

breakfast is very important in three meals a day meal, we will choose the more nutritious food, usually buy to eat, work and school for many people who have no time to eat in the morning, is going out in the shop to buy breakfast. The breakfast market demand is big, want to do small business entrepreneurs, not consider opening a breakfast shop. Here to give you a brief introduction, breakfast shop how to do to attract customers?

The first one:

LAN started to attract young people

breakfast shop how sales promotion in order to attract people? In a breakfast shop opened at the beginning, I did not go to war to decorate the facade, with no other than the early shop low price dumping, but the promotion measures positioned in a "new" word. For most of the customers is the feature of this work, I set up a newspaper column in the breakfast shop, LAN newspapers replaced in the morning to open the door, including current affairs, sports, stock, anecdotes etc..

second strokes: Signature dining to attract office workers

in a considerable amount of marketing, I began to cultivate long-term stability of the customer base on the move. How to promote the breakfast shop to attract people through comparative analysis found:

(1) is a breakfast shop, every business with a small capital, every corner can not be free, so every day to spend time and energy to raise LingChao spare considerable number of customers is too difficult to keep back lingchao.

(2) to store operating procedures to request the customer to pay first, then buy a ticket (even now processing) dinner, the whole process even if they can effectively link up, also need nearly ten minutes of time, and many consumers don’t have time to eat the breakfast, what they need is to go eat or take away.

(3) to store the customer is the most employees I resign, basically are regular customers, other types of customers is not much. To this end, I will focus on the introduction of the sign in the way.


thank you for your patience to read a small series of articles, believe that such advice can well protect you, the content is for the breakfast shop do introduced to attract customers, if you also want to open an attractive breakfast shop, we can also introduce the contents of reference. Entrepreneurship shop to pay attention to the problem there are many, I hope we can provide you with the introduction of help.

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