Talk about Blue Ocean long tail 1P= nternet

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      blue ocean strategy, the long tail theory, 1P theory of economic law, the nature of phenomena, a similar case already exists in our business life, but no one to summarize, summarize. But thanks to the authors of the three books, thanks for their hard work, their creative spirit, and their knowledge. Because it is their induction, summary, sublimation, to be able to allow more enterprises in the business of a more rational thinking and reference. An Internet entrepreneur who read this three books to learn, to summarize what, talk about the superficial fallacy of northeast tiger individual network.

      blue ocean strategy, the long tail theory and 1P theory to reveal the economic phenomenon of nature, commercial law is summed up the actual mixed. It is of course economic theory, to the point of view is clear, the clear-cut. As learners, we are free to divide these theories reasonably and grafting. I personally think it is superficial, because the Internet economy era, to be able to make some economic phenomenon more prominent performance, can make our experts and scholars better summarize them and summarize. So the three strategies, the theory in general or should focus on Internet economy, Internet business, Internet business that is more appropriate, the actual combat to some. At the same time, I also think that these three strategic ideas and economic theory is essentially interlinked, not isolated. Based on the above reasons, so I put forward: Blue + long tail +1P= internet.
      from the point of view of the Internet economy of Blue Ocean Strategy:
      I personally think superficial, the so-called blue ocean should not generalize. It should be explained from two angles: market share and competition situation. To the current video site, for example, you can say is the blue ocean or the red sea. Although most video sites have not found a clear profit model, the future because of its huge market potential, so many video sites want to from the future market returns in a fengeng. From the perspective of market share, this is a blue ocean market, from the competitive situation, this is a red sea competition situation. When an Internet companies choose to enter the video website, if only from the perspective of market share blindly into the blue ocean and ignore the competitive situation of the Red Sea is not sensible, in turn, if the competition situation of the red sea view back and ignore the ocean liner market share and enterprise competitive advantage from blue ocean is not wise. Internet economy is good, traditional industry worth mentioning, as long as there is a need

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