Tibet network opened an independent domain name ntibet net

, Tibet, China, Beijing, March 13 – today, sponsored by the people’s network of large-scale thematic website China Tibet network officially opened an independent domain name: Intibet.net. China Tibet network since its opening in December 18, 2008, with a multi angle of content, convenient interaction, exquisite page design by professionals and the majority of users praise.


China in Tibet network news reports, Forum blog, knowledge service as a whole, to provide a full range of the latest information about Tibet reports for users to set up a number of interactive section, highlighting the network interactive, Internet users gather wisdom, more intuitive perception, comments reflect Tibet’s economic and social development and the change of Internet users. Chinese Tibet also strive to build my eyes "Tibet" Internet interaction exchange area, make full use of technical means of Web2.0, Web3.0, open forum, blog, podcast, making column. Set up a "making Tibet album" column, it will become the Internet users to share about life in Tibet, tourism, cultural figures, photos of the online space. Tibet China network is also provided with a Tibetan version and English version.

recently, around 50 years of democratic reform in Tibet, Tibet China network has introduced the original report, launched the "50 years of democratic reform in Tibet", "50 years of democratic reform in Tibet Exhibition", "50 years of democratic reform in Tibet" white paper "three major topics, and the interpretation of history, 50 invited experts and scholars in the significance and impact of the democratic reform in Tibet. In addition, Tibet China network also serialized in a slide way to the atlas and books users all-round, three-dimensional display of democratic reform in Tibet 50 years of historical changes.

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