Chinese Nets Official website was hacked by hackers message ridicule

webmaster network November 20th news, a netizen in the A5 forum reflects, million net official website page was hacked, hacking in black on the page to write "eat nothing doing nothing to eat a full Chinese hawks Wantao Wantao black station open room to open the door to pick up the hammer trick to knock on the BY AK " and so on.

users post to reflect official website was hacked page


official website was hacked page



by the authors observed that all official website 2 were noted the same black surface for hackers, hacker message "Wantao hackers" in the industry a great reputation, 2001 Wantao participate in the organization of Sino US hacker wars and the creation of Chinese hawkish coalition, after the eagle Union has been transformed into the eagle eye security culture network, Wan Tao himself is the world’s top security advisor software company, does not exclude other hackers under the guise of Wan Tao in the name of hacking, and the price of some products may cause user dissatisfaction about the network is too high.

it is reported that hackers mainly use the official website system bugs uploaded by black pages, but the domain name registration and analytical services for the users is not affected, but as the largest China domain name registration services, the official website of the safety needs to be improved. According to the author learned that as early as July 31st of this year, Chinese civilink suffered hacker attacks, causing part of the host can not run normally, many users can not log in your own web site, the information can not be updated, even some users find rental space stored information is lost.


cut-off time, black page, has been cleared of all official, but the nets posts have been black in the webmaster forum and the QQ group were crazy.

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Chinese civilink was founded in 1995, is Chinese leading Internet application service provider, providing complete Internet application services for enterprise customers, domain name services, hosting services range from basic; e-mail, website construction, network marketing, voice communications and other applications in September 2009, Alibaba with 540 million investment million net, complete with alliance, have the news that the Alibaba investment to a unified market station.

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