Always free differentiated service charges is an important model of the site’s profitability

as a grassroots webmaster, the biggest dream is to do a website, and continue to grow and develop. From a small unknown to the public website become profitable and valuable and sustainable development of the site on the road full of thorns, to overcome various difficulties; it is not to achieve success and win recognition from scratch. Do stand early, how to choose the right direction, how to choose the direction of development and operation, how to open up the market in the course of the operation, how to achieve profitability, which is to do in the course of the station had to consider.
A: actually, we did not do the chain, but users in our platform issued questionnaires, in order to invite his friends to fill in, will naturally take questionnaire issued to link his own website, micro-blog, QQ and other space. The so-called viral marketing.
answer: this completely because of your own website and, if suitable for advertising, of course, can cast advertising, or from your main business on the way to search for related articles, advice free value-added mode "for inspiration.
A: in the beginning of friends and chatted to engage in a chance third party survey award prize promotion website, to provide a fair and open the award platform, so that when it is found for net, completely similar sites, I still have not found, I do not think the market is too small to model it. Hehe. In addition, 2006 is not too early for the internet.
A: through online services (on the platform) and the sample service (to help customers to recycle paper), the start is not profitable, 06-08 has been in a state of continuous commitment. Earnings data, are not listed, are not open, forgive me.

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